Q: Do you allow instore shopping?

A: we are currently an online only business.


Q: How does Canada Guppies DOA policy work?

A: Once it is determined that all requirements are meet for DOA guarantee, Canada Guppies will email you a DOA credit note that can be redeemed at your next online order.

Sample DOA credit note: John050421 2x cherry shrimp DOA

Then with a new order of 8 Cherry Shrimp, we will send you a total of 10 to accommodate the DOA credit.

That’s it! Your credit also will never expire, meaning if you order 1, 2, 3 years later, you will still receive any DOA credits that are outstanding. To redeem, all you have to do is copy and paste the credit note into the “Customer Notes” section during check out and we will process your order accordingly. If you do not use the note, no DOAs will be sent with the new order. ( IF YOU WOULD PREFER A DIRECT REFUND VIA E-TRANSFER CONTACT A CANADA GUPPIES AGENT)


 Q: Do we get a tracking number with our orders?

A: yes all of our shipping methods do include tracking unless otherwise specified


Q: What are your shipping times and period?

A: We only ship livestock orders out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so they never have to risk a delay and sit at the post office over the weekend. Delivery time frame is dependant on shipping method chosen at checkout.


Q: Help! Our package has been lost, what now?

A: Notify us immediately in this situation. With our excellent DOA guarantee, you get peace of mind knowing that your package is still guaranteed if you have chosen a shipping method with it. After you notify us, we will work as quickly as possibly with the courier service to resolve this issue and let you know of our next steps. It may take up to 30 days for the courier service to provide a full credit if the package is 100% lost.


Q: We put in an order but provided the wrong address for shipping. What can we do?

A: It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure all addresses are correct for shipping and on all invoices and payments. Contact a Canada Guppies agent as soon as possible if you have made an error.  Canada Guppies is not responsible for packages sent to the incorrect provided address. All DOA guarantees are void immediately if this happens.

In the even of ANY issues please CONTACT US FIRST. If you bypass this step and have the package rerouted through the courier the DOA policy is void. We do NOT accept returned packages.


Q: What do we do in the situation of missing product from my order?


A: Please contact us right away and we will take a look into what happened and determine how to proceed. Photos are taken of every order we package before we ship it out with all items laid out beside the invoice for quality assurance. If dry goods are missing, we will ship it immediately out free of charge. If it is a livestock item, we can either credit it as a DOA or give a full refund for the missing item. Rest assured if you ordered something from us you will get it one way or another.



Q: We ordered a package online and it is being held up in customs?


A: It is the buyer’s responsibility to adhere to proper regulations and policies regarding to the importation of livestock and plants and to ensure any that any of the ordered livestock and plants purchased from us are allowed into the customer’s country. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but we are 100% not responsible if customs does not release, confiscate, or destroy your package.


Q: How are livestock packed and shipped and what about the winter or summer weather?


A: All of livestock is carefully packaged in either double poly bags or single breather bags. We then use polystyrene to line the top and bottom of the cardboard box and stuff with recycled cellulose insulation. We also add a heat pack during winter or an ice pack during summer. (Breather bags are upon request and have 1$ charge per bag). Please be advised, it may be dusty upon opening the package from the cellulose insulation.


Q: How can I place a Bulk order how much is shipping ?


A: For any bulk or group orders please contact us directly at canadaguppys@gmail.com. We will determine how to best package your order and give you an estimate based on weight and box size once you contact us with an estimate on your order size.



Q: I would love to get started with shrimp but not sure how to go about it?


A: Feel free to send us an email. We would love to guide and assist you in your successful journey to shrimp keeping! Everyone’s needs are different and every case has a specific situation we can definitely help advise. Our breeders have years of experience and can definitely help!



Q: Where are all your shrimps from?


A: We at Canada Guppies breed our shrimp in our own aquariums in great conditions and they are treated very well and are very healthy if your starting out with shrimp home-bred is the way to go as they are more hardy than imports.



Q: What size are your shrimps?


A: We offer shrimps of all sizes, from juvenile to adults. However, for online orders we prefer to ship sub adult size shrimp as they travel better than full grown adults. We strive to provide superior customer service and if requested, larger sized shrimps pending our stock, could be requested at the time of submitting your online order.


Q: What is your refund or exchange policy?

A: There are no refunds for livestock online or in store purchases. Dry goods may be returned in their original, unopened packaging for store credit only within 1 week of purchase these are general rules but if you are not satisfied please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help in any way even if you are not eligible for return or refund


Q: What are the methods of payment accepted at this time?


A: We currently only accept PayPal